Every learner driver wishes they could tell the difference between a good and bad driving instructor.

Now you can…

Did you know the Driving Standards Agency (government body) award driving instructors with a grade to determine their skill and quality?

Trainee Vs Fully Qualified

You could find yourself with a trainee driving instructor, this means they have not passed all of the required tests to become an instructor. Trainees are given a pink licence, but a qualified driving instructor is given a green licence. The licence is displayed in the windscreen of the car. 


An instructor is graded with a score from 1-6.
If they score 1-3 it means they have poor skills and must retake a new test.
A grade 4 is the minimum requirement and a grade 6 is the highest.
Only 7% of driving instructors are grade 6.

What grade am I?

With over 20 years of teaching experience I am a grade 6 and have held this position for a number of years. It means I am in the position to give you the best lessons available.

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